3 Oct 2018 - 5 Oct 2018 | Pécs, Hungary
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3 Oct 2018 - 5 Oct 2018
Pécs, Hungary
Open4Business 2018 International Matchmaking Event

Connect-IT 2018

In our region, more and more start-up companies are growing out of nowhere, getting capital investment and entering the market. This conference provides necessary and valuable information to these companies - and those who are interested in the subject. The invited presenters are able to efficiently develop local startup businesses by sharing their experiences and knowledge transfer through presentations and discussions in order to foster their rapid growth and strengthen their competitiveness.

There is also an inevitable topic this year: Facebook's privacy scandal and the introduction of GDPR which have also highlighted how critical the data protection is.

There are already existing successful solutions and programs that are in line with the conference's goals.


The Information Management Innovation Cluster

The Information Management Innovation Cluster was founded on the 9th October 2008 in order to support its member companies’ uniform and technology-oriented development and to enhance their competitiveness both in the domestic and international product and labour market. There are two key areas where the enhancement of competitiveness is essential:

  •     Internal competitiveness: development of employee retention and training competencies
  •     External competitiveness: enhancement of competitiveness in the product and service market

By addressing these challenges, the Cluster intends to provide added value-enhancing services for both its founding members and new associates.


The INPUT Program provides pro bono, tailor-made services for both early and growth-stage startups in order to help them grow and enter international markets. We are a high-priority government project financed by the EU.

The program was awarded the UN Global Best Practice award in 2018 for our activity in the Hungarian startup ecosystem.


  •     We are embedded in the startup exosystems:    Our coordinator network covers the entire country (including Pécs). We are present in all the local startup ecosystems, and can easily find exciting new technologies.
  •     We help startups grow:    We provide startups with the necessary knowledge to succeed. Our services include mentoring, trainings and business development sessions.
  •     We make startups go global:    With the help of our international network, we provide startups with the resources and knowledge to expand internationally, and to make a soft landing via conferences and competitions, B2B or sales meetings, and other startup development programs.

If you wish to explore the Hungarian startup scene, don’t hesitate to contact us!





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Pécs, Hungary

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